Vitopia Member-Sponsored Care Circles

A Shared Journey of Connection, Community, and Holistic Healing

Dive into a guided adventure with Vitopia's Member Sponsored Care Circles, where you, as a cherished part of our community, have the extraordinary chance to lead a circle of growth and connection. Invite your close ones and social network to partake in a journey of collective enlightenment and personal development, all while basking in exclusive perks and savings. 

Embark on engaging 20-30 minute private group sessions, designed to deliver profound insights and practical strategies to elevate your daily vitality. Our expert Care Guides tap into the wealth of each individual’s health story, weaving a realm of knowledge aimed at unlocking your fullest potential.

Member-Sponsored Circle Perks
Exclusive Savings

Member Sponsors gain access to the Circle free of change and every participant invited enjoys a special rate, ensuring affordability and access to all.

Personalized Guidance

Explore a wide range of topics, with the option for custom themes based on group size or specific requests.

Focused Guidance

Receive actionable and targeted advice from our Care Guides, empowering you to thrive daily.

Shareable Vitality

Sponsors gain access to shareable content, perfect for inviting others and sparking conversations online.

Community Healing

Experience the magic of transformation in a community, as your circle becomes a sanctuary of shared experiences, wisdom, and a united quest for personal development.

How to Sponsor a Circle
Become a Sponsor

To initiate a Member-Sponsored Care Circle, you must be a member of either Vitopia 365 or Vitopia Save. As a sponsor, you participate for free, championing the circle of healing for your chosen tribe.

Invite Your Tribe

Share the journey of vitality by inviting your friends, family, or social media community to join the circle at a discounted rate of $25 each.

Build Your Circle

With a minimum requirement of 10 participants and a maximum of 25, your private Care Circle will thrive as a sanctuary of support and collective wisdom.

Health Story

Each member is invited to submit an intake form along with a brief video or audio clip, assisting our Care Guides in personalizing their experience.

Unite and Thrive

Upon reaching the required number of participants, your Care Circle comes to life in a session uniquely tailored to you and your tribe.*

*Please note: If your Circle doesn’t reach the minimum participant requirement, your session will merge with another Care Circle, and the sponsor will attend at the standard rate.

Why Embark on a Member-Sponsored Care Circle Journey? 

Vitopia’s Member-Sponsored Care Circles are more than just group sessions; they are a movement towards communal well-being, anchored in savings, exclusivity, and the power of shared healing. Sponsor your Circle today, invite your tribe, and step into a space where optimized living is communal, accessible, and transformational.

Ready to bring the gift of healing to your community?  

Assemble 15-25 friends and we’ll tailor a health-boosting social gathering around your chosen topic.