Designs for Sport (DFS)

Transparency, Efficacy, and Quality in Sport Supplements

Designs for Sport leads the supplement industry with an unwavering commitment to transparency and efficacy. We know that when professionals opt for clean supplements, they're empowered to make healthier choices, impacting both their physical and mental wellbeing throughout their careers. 

With over 30 years of experience, we're seasoned professionals. Our legacy is built on the firm foundation of a leading supplement company, backed by distinguished doctors and practitioners who aid in crafting our meticulously researched formulations. 


Our mission is to help high-performance athletes excel, by offering top-tier products. At DFS, we're championing the science-first sports supplement category. We deliver tailor-made nutritional supplements designed for trainers and practitioners supporting athletes. Our goal is to foster stronger partnerships, educate athletic trainers and coaches, and provide them with leading tools for athletic development. 


Our science-first philosophy is evident in our commitment to fostering research-driven products, synergistic formulas, and clinically relevant quantities of ingredients. We work relentlessly to stay at the forefront of sports health and science, continually evolving our ingredients.

NSF Certified for Sport

Our partnership with NSF underscores our commitment to industry safety standards and product excellence, reinforcing our ambition to be the go-to supplement and education resource in the performance nutrition category.

Our manufacturing facilities, based in the USA, have been certified for compliance with FDA GMP regulations by the NSF International since May 2009. Our commitment to quality is validated annually by four NSF audits, evaluating all aspects of our operations. This certification assures that DFS products deliver what's promised on our labels—identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity.


DFS, a division of Designs for Health, was launched in 1989 by a dedicated team of nutritionists. We identified a market gap that would allow us to better serve our customers—through superior education, improved products, and an enhanced user experience. Our commitment to ongoing improvement has enabled us to revolutionize the premium athletic supplement category.

Rigorous Product Testing

Quality control is integral to our process—from raw material selection to manufacturing of the finished product. Our comprehensive testing criteria evaluate all aspects affecting quality and efficacy, specifically identity, purity, strength, and composition.

Always Pure and Effective

Our customers trust in the high quality and functionality of our products, returning to us time and again. DFS supplements, designed by healthcare professionals for athletic professionals, utilize the purest raw materials available. We understand the fundamental factors impacting clinical results and make no sacrifices in our pursuit of excellence. For us, effective product design is inextricably linked to scientific integrity. 


Our science-based formula design ensures that only ingredients backed by extensive research are used. Each nutrient is carefully researched for its metabolic pathways and tolerability. We offer unique formulas that contain synergistic groups of nutrients, optimizing therapeutic goals for various conditions. We carefully analyze the latest studies and research to ensure meaningful quantities of elements in our formulas—no more, no less than what's required for optimal results.