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Get tailored guidance on every step of your health journey 

Visit our Memberships page and select either Vitopia 365 or Vitopia Save and complete the registration steps to gain instant access.

Each membership offers unique value. The 365 Membership is the MVP of virtual Functional Care, including tailored Care Programs, 1-on-1 guidance from Functional Care practitioners, priority scheduling, access to professional-grade nutraceuticals, exclusive savings, and so much more. Explore our memberships to find the best fit for you.

While the 365 Membership requires a 4-month minimum commitment that you can cancel afterward, the annual Vitopia 365 and Vitopia Save memberships are non-refundable. Please see our Terms for details.

Log into your account and view your benefits from your account dashboard.  

For assistance with scheduling a consultation, please contact us or email

Both the Vitopia Save and Vitopia 365 memberships cover up to 6 dependents under 18. After you’ve purchased a membership, login to your account, visit the "My Family" section, and click “Manage My Family” and follow the instructions to add your eligible family members.

Earn 2% cashback on qualifying purchases made in our virtual marketplace, redeemable on future Vitopia purchases.


Health Talks & Consultations with Functional Care Guides

We offer personalized Care Programs, BYOT (“Bring Your Own Test” for analysis), Vitopia Circles (community healing), Vitopia Ask (consult a Care Guide), and more! 

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Absolutely! Every Care Plan is individually adapted to your health story and goals. 

Browse our Care Plans and find the perfect plan for you! 

A free account is required in order to gain access to Vitopia Services and benefits. 

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Log into your account and view your purchased services (displayed as credits) from your account dashboard.  

For help scheduling a consultation, please contact us or email

Your lab test must be from the past 12 months at your booking time for eligibility. We accept most lab tests. If your lab test cannot be accepted, our team will contact you with further instructions.

See a list of some common test types here


Authentified, professional grade supplements & nutraceuticals

A free account is required in order to access Vitopia’s products and services.  

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Both supplements and nutraceuticals are designed to provide nutritional benefits. Supplements generally contain lab-created or derived ingredients, while nutraceuticals come from natural food or nutrient sources.

Professional-grade nutraceuticals uphold more strict purity and potency standards and are often chosen for clinical use. All our products are also Authentified to guarantee the highest standards of quality and authenticity. 

Absolutely. All our products are Authentified and sourced from suppliers who manufacture at FDA-inspected facilities, and abide by the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) standards. Our suppliers implement quality control processes at each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring the products in our marketplace meet and exceed quality, efficacy, and purity expectations. 

Always consult with a healthcare provider before adding or changing any supplement in your routine. 

Each product's webpage offers comprehensive information about the product and its ingredients, and certifications.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team for more information about a specific product. 


Answers about orders, shipping, returns, refunds, and more

After placing your order, you'll receive an order confirmation email, followed by a shipment notification email that contains a tracking link. You can click on that tracking link to track your shipment's arrival.  

Check out our Shipping Policy for more information. 

If you receive a damaged or incorrect order, please immediately get in touch with our customer care team. We're committed to promptly addressing and resolving such issues.

Check out our Shipping Policy for more information.

We do not offer returns on products, services, or memberships, but you might qualify for a product credit.

Please refer to our Return Policy for more information

We do not offer exchanges, but you might qualify for a product credit.

Please refer to our Return Policy for more information

We ship to all addresses within the contiguous USA. We do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.  

Some Functional Diagnostic Testing products will not ship to certain USA states. These shipping restrictions will be listed on the product. 

Orders usually ship within 5-7 business days.

Please contact us if you don't receive a shipment within 5-7 business days of your purchase.

Customer Experience

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