Medication De-prescribing

Did you know that certain medications decrease in effect the longer you take them?

Medication plays an essential role in managing many health conditions, especially chronic ones. However, over time, the same medications that once helped may no longer be suitable. As we age or our health circumstances change, certain drugs might even cause more harm than good. According to a study published by the NIH, prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the United States. This realization underscores the need for continuous evaluation and, if necessary, the careful process of de-prescribing medications.  

At Vitopia, we believe that optimizing medication is not just about what to take, but also about what you might need to stop taking. Our Medication De-Prescribing Care Program focuses on assessing and adjusting your medication therapy to match your current health needs. 

Quick Facts 
  • - About 66% of US adults regularly take at least 1 prescription medication 
  • - Around 24% of Americans report using at least 3 prescription medications daily 
  • - Adverse drug events cause approximately 1.3 million emergency department visits each year 

  • - Hormonal imbalance can disrupt multiple body systems, leading to irregular periods (women), erectile dysfunction (men), infertility, acne, fatigue, mood changes, sleep problems, and skin changes. 
Care Program Goal 

The Medication De-Prescribing Care Program aims to evaluate issues with your prescription medications and determine their effectiveness. We help you identify improvement opportunities with your current therapy and help you take an active role in managing your health. Think of it as a medication "tune-up," keeping your treatment aligned with your current needs and minimizing risks. Our licensed pharmacists are committed to working with you and your healthcare provider to find the optimal medication strategy.

Here’s What Our Program Includes
Medication Review

Our licensed pharmacists, specifically trained in appropriate medication use, will conduct a review of your prescription medications. They will consider your current health, possible side effects, interactions, and the necessity of each medication. 

Personalized De-Prescribing Plan

If we find that a medication might no longer be beneficial or could be harmful, we'll create a personalized de-prescribing Care Map. This process is carried out with utmost care and precision, with your well-being at the forefront. 

Education and Guidance

Understanding why and how to make changes to your medication regimen can be empowering. We provide information, guidance, and support to ensure you feel confident and informed about the adjustments. 

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Medication de-prescribing is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. We provide options for follow-ups to ensure the changes are positively impacting your health and can help you make further adjustments if necessary.

Each path is a step towards your health goals. Choose the one that resonates with you, and let us guide you towards a life filled with vitality and happiness.

Is this Program Right for Me?

This program might be right for you if: 

  • - You’re concerned about the long-term use of your medications

  • - You’re no longer seeing the same benefits you did at the beginning of your medication therapies 

  • - The side effects of your medication are unexpected, becoming unbearable, or making it difficult to continue taking your medication 

Our Care Delivery Method

At Vitopia, we see you and your unique needs. Guided by expert advice, empathy, and encouragement, we empower you to embrace life with renewed vigor and joy. Exploring wholistic treatments? Looking to optimize your current medication list? Our approach is crafted just for you.

Your health and well-being aren't just a part of our mission; they're at its core. We offer a program that's not only accessible but also shaped to your needs. Want to know the best part? You get to choose the level of support that's right for you. And our Care Guides? They're always here with expert advice and a caring hand.

Start Your Journey Now 

Join us at Vitopia for a comprehensive and compassionate approach to medication management. Let us help you navigate the complexities of prescription medications, ensuring that your therapy is beneficial, safe, and tailored to your present needs. Ready to explore your medication options?

Let's Begin Your Medication Tune-Up

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