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Unlock a new era of health and vitality with Vitopia — your proactive partners in functional care. We go beyond diagnosing to find the root cause and empower your journey towards optimal health.

Deprescribing Health One Medication at a Time

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As an independent pharmacist led functional care program and network, we believe it's time to deprescribe healthcare by reducing the demand for traditional pharmaceuticals. We are not anti-pharmaceuticals, we are anti pharmaceutical demand. We believe in giving consumers the opportunity to choose an alternative path powered by natural medicine and lifestyle changes.

Driven by You

As an everyday healthcare consumer, you have the power to choose and influence your health care journey in collaboration with your care provider. Stop and ask yourself, should every doctor visit end with a new or refill prescription....or is there an alternative approach in self-care that could lead to a reduction in the use of traditional pharmaceuticals....Vitopia believes in the power of self-directed care!

Elevated By Vitopia

Our goal is to empower you, the consumer, to advocate for the best heathcare choices for you. We aim to provide education and science-based information so that you have the tools and resources to make informed choices to optimize your health and wellbeing. Vitopia delivers resources and information to you to empower your health care choices and be a better you.

The Vitopia Care Difference

Your health story is unique, influenced by your life’s path. At Vitopia, we understand this. By understanding and addressing root causes, focusing on preventative care, and leveraging natural remedies, we guide you to take charge of your health story. Our expert Care Guides and cutting-edge programs pivot your focus from mere survival to thriving vitality, rediscovering food, movement, and community as pillars of health.

Virtual Health, Personalized by You:

Immerse yourself in an all-in-one, virtual, collaborative care solution, where your health journey is supported by licensed community pharmacists and integrative medicine doctors. Choose your path with on-demand, live, or group circle consultations. 

Bring Your Own Tests, Transform Your Health

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Got lab results? Let our functional care specialists provide a personalized analysis and actionable plan. Plus, get member-only prices on professional-grade nutraceuticals for you, a guest, and your dependents — making optimal health accessible to EVERYONE.

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Looking for complementary solutions to enhance your well-being? From weight management and gut health to energy and sleep quality, our memberships are your all-inclusive ticket to a revitalized you. Supported by our licensed Care Guides, you’re never alone on your health journey. Welcome to the future of individualized functional care!

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Save on supplements and experience a sampling of the individualized care programs provided by Vitopia’s licensed care guides. This annual membership provides access to exclusive savings in our Virtual Marketplace: your ultimate destination for Authentified, professional-grade, science-backed nutraceuticals and supplements - at up to 25% off retail. Our first-of-its-kind approach provides you with a limited number of complementary consultations so you can taste the benefits of wholistic, functional care and see the Vitopia Difference.

The MVP of Functional Care

Unlock a world where every facet of your health is not just consulted but consistently cared for, enhanced, and fine-tuned throughout the year. Exclusively tailored for you and your family – including dependents under 18 – this comprehensive annual membership gives you priority access to our expert Functional Care guidance. Receive customized health and lifestyle recommendations, vital functional tests, top-tier supplements, and exclusive savings. The 365 Membership is your family’s guide in the journey toward unparalleled wellness.

Note: This database only includes drugs that have been found to deplete nutrients. Please contact us if you have questions about why your drug(s) cannot be found.

Disclaimer: For Informational Use Only. Please note that this tool is designed solely for informational purposes and is not meant to serve as or substitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional for guidance before making any changes to your medication or vitamin regimen. Your healthcare professional is your primary resource for advice and care. In case of a medical emergency, immediately contact your doctor or dial 911.

Health Stories Rewritten

Hear from those who’ve transformed their lives with Vitopia.  
Jeff A.Cape Coral, FL

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my primary care doctor put me on a statin. After being on this medication for several months, my cholesterol hadn't improved and the side effects were awful. I reached out to Vitopia Care for a consult . They recommended Bergamot. After 3 months of stopping the statin and being on this, my bad cholesterol went down and my good cholesterol went up. I've been on Bergamot for the last 2 years and still have cholesterol in the normal range.

Tricia R.Rochester, MN

As a patient with ulcerative colitis, I consulted with a Vitopia Care Guide and I appreciated their understanding of the complexity of my condition and the time he spent explaining the relationship between autoimmune disease and impeded healing often complicated by malnutrition. Vitopia's strategies have been instrumental in improving the quality of my daily life.

Madeline B.Hartland, WI

I've always had seasonal allergies, but when I became allergic to my cats and the OTC allergy meds and regular allergy shots were no longer working, I was at the end of my rope. My friend referred me to Vitopia Care and they recommended I try a product called D-Hist. Since my initial loading dose, I only take 2 capsules per day, discontinued my regular antihistamines and now I can enjoy my cats and have been allergy-free for 18 months!

Andrew Y.Colorado Springs, CO

My son was constantly in pain and sick with stomach issues. Our doctors didn't have answers for us and he just kept getting worse. After we followed new recommendations and implemented what we learned from Vitopia, the change was unbelievable. It's such a relief to finally have answers and to see my son much healthier. It not only changed my son's life but the health of our entire family.

Amanda I.Denver, CO

I first contacted a Vitopia Care Guide because in my early 20s I developed severe psoriasis and my doctor wanted to put me on immune suppressing medications. I decided to consult with Vitopia first and the change was unbelievable. Within three months my psoriasis completely went away with no medications.

Maria K.Minnetonka, MN

I was diagnosed with a chronic
autoimmune condition, and after failing multiple medications and losing hope, I turned to Vitopia. After a thorough consult, they recommended a plan that was simple, yet detailed. Within 1 week of starting the plan, I felt much better, with more energy and fewer digestive problems. After 4 weeks, my life-long sugar cravings went away, and I saw how the plan could impact my disease. Vitopia gave me hope and a path to better health.

Andre V.Austin, TX

As a result of coming down with Covid during the pandemic, my blood pressure became a major issue. While my primary care doctor was quick to recommend a medication, I chose to work with a Vitopia Care Guide who helped me understand the potential root causes of my new condition. After making a few changes in my lifestyle and adding nutraceuticals, I'm happy to share that my blood pressure is back within range.

Important Note: Health Stories reflect the experiences of individuals who have worked with Vitopia Care Guides and have seen improvements in their health conditions. Customer stories have been anonymized and adapted for length and privacy considerations.