Designs for Health (DFH)

Merging Nature with Science

Elevating the power of nature with the precision of science, Designs for Health (DFH) emerges as a leading innovator in providing high-quality nutritional supplements. Our range of products, exclusively available through licensed healthcare professionals, embody our focus on quality and patient success.  

With a mission of "Designing a Well World", we put holistic thinking at the forefront and advocate for functional medicine. We and marry these with lifestyle choices and supplementation, igniting a wellness revolution. Our aspiration is to create a world where reaching optimal health isn't a mere ambition but a reality. 

The Science-First Approach

Designs for Health's goal is to provide only the finest to healthcare practitioners and their patients. We take pride in products born from research-driven, evidence-based synergistic formulations packed with therapeutic ingredients. Our commitment to constant innovation and research marks us as pioneers in the supplemental healthcare industry. 


Our Science-First philosophy puts factual evidence before passing trends. The result is superior quality ingredients with proven efficacy, offering the best results. We believe in our partners' commitment to delivering exceptional care over taking shortcuts or reducing costs. This faith leads us closer to our ultimate goal: to design a new paradigm of health and uplift the wellbeing of all. 

Unwavering Quality Control

Our Quality Policy builds trust among practitioners by proving that our dietary supplements exceed industry standards for quality. Our comprehensive evaluation covers all aspects influencing quality and efficacy, such as Identity, Purity, Quality, Strength, and Composition. 


From the selection of raw material to the shipping of the finished product, Designs for Health upholds the strictest quality control standards. This ensures our customers consistently receive potent and effective nutritional supplements each time they order. 

GMP Certified Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities, located in the USA, have been GMP certified by NSF International since May 2009, adhering to FDA regulations. We undergo four annual audits by NSF to ensure we maintain our compliance. Our operations, including quality assurance, raw material and finished product testing, production and distribution procedures, facility and equipment cleanliness, and employee training, are scrutinized in detail. This certification verifies that DFS products maintain the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that our labels promise. 


Every DFH product is manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities with internal quality control procedures and documentation systems that meet or exceed industry standards or certifications such as NPA (Natural Products Association), NSF, OTC (Over the Counter Drug GMPs), TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration), and FDA Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). 

NSF Certification

Our commitment to product quality and integrity is shown through our NSF GMP Certification Seal. All our manufacturing facilities have undergone inspections and achieved NSF GMP Certification.