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Super Aloe 450


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Super Aloe 450 may help:

  • Support GI function*
  • Support bowel regularity*
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    Super Aloe includes ingredients for regularity that work fast, without the artificial additives and associated cramping common in some products. Also available in convenient blister packs.
    Days Supply: 100

    1 capsule at bedtime (allow 24 hours before redosing) or as recommended by your health care professional.

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    About Super Aloe 450

    Cape aloe has been used for thousands of years to promote the health of epithelial tissue, including the bowel lining. Cape aloe contains a class of phytonutrient compounds called anthraquinone glycosides. When ingested, these compounds are activated through bacterial metabolism in the gut, promote water retention in the stool, and stimulate peristalsis in the large intestine. By causing active chloride secretion, cape aloe increases the water and electrolyte content in the stool and eases elimination without artificial additives and cramping associated with other therapies.

    Super Aloe is intended for the relief of occasional constipation. Cape aloe, the solid residue obtained by evaporating liquid aloe ferox, has been shown in the research to affect regularity due to its influence on colon peristalsis, which it triggers to contract, resulting in accelerated intestinal passage. This formulation Super Aloe is available as 250 and 450 mg capsules, two potencies to provide tailored natural support for elimination.

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    Introducing Aloe/200x™ - the ultimate nourishing aloe extract made with a whopping 200 pounds of aloe vera inner gel fillets in every pound of product. This concentrated aloe is crafted with the utmost care to retain as much of the plant's natural makeup as possible, ensuring that you get the most out of this amazing plant extract. Aloe/200x™ is never filtered, so you can be sure that all of the natural components of the aloe are preserved. And, thanks to our unique low-heat dehydration system, the long polysaccharide chains remain intact, just as they are found in nature. The longer the polysaccharide chain, the more effective it is at supporting immune function.* With Aloe/200x™, you get all of the benefits of aloe vera in a concentrated form that is easy to use and incredibly effective.*



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