Silvercillin™ Liquid


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    Silvercillin™ is the ultimate solution for your antimicrobial needs. Our unique preparation of pure silver complexed with purified water is the perfect blend for effective protection against harmful microbes. With Silver Sol Technology®, we have achieved a groundbreaking solution that ensures the silver permanently becomes a part of the water molecule, providing long-lasting protection.*

    Containing 15 ppm of purified silver per serving, Silvercillin™ is a powerful, non-toxic form of silver that does not build up in the body, avoiding the risk of argyria or "blue man syndrome." Our product is the perfect choice for those seeking a safe and natural alternative to traditional antimicrobial solutions.*

    Don't compromise on your health and safety. Choose Silvercillin™ for a reliable and effective defense against harmful microbes. With our advanced technology and commitment to quality, you can trust that you're getting the best protection available.*
    Days Supply: 95

    Take 5 mL (approximately 1 teaspoon) orally per day or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Not for Topical Use. Intended for Oral Ingestion Only.

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    About Silvercillin™ Liquid

    Silvercillin™ is an effective preparation of pure silver complexed with purified water, which exhibits antimicrobial properties.* Silvercillin™ uses Silver Sol Technology®, the term “sol” is the designation of a mineral permanently distributed into the structure of water. The silver permanently becomes a part of that water molecule, so that it will not fall out of the solution or suspension. Silvercillin™ contains 15 ppm of purified silver per serving. This is an incredibly powerful, non-toxic form of silver, which will not build up in the body, so it does not cause argyria (also known as "blue man syndrome").

    Silvercillin™ Liquid

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