Chromium Synergy™


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Chromium Synergy™ may help:

  • Support healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Promotes insulin sensitivity*
  • Provides important minerals and antioxidant for optimal metabolism*
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    Chocolate Superfood Powder is the perfect solution for parents who want to ensure their children are getting all the essential nutrients they need to support their overall health and well-being. Our phytonutrient-packed blend of organic fruits, vegetables, greens, and fiber is a deliciously chocolate-flavored powder that kids will love.*

    This formula is specifically designed to support healthy digestive function, with 2 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber, inulin, per serving. Inulin helps stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, promoting optimal gut health.*

    For parents who are concerned that their children may not be getting enough fruits, vegetables, and dietary fiber in their daily diets, our Chocolate Superfood Powder is the perfect solution. It's an easy and convenient way to supplement your child's daily greens and fiber intake.*

    Our Chocolate Superfood Powder is made with only the highest quality ingredients, so you can feel confident that you're giving your child the very best. It's organic, delicious, and packed with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.*

    Days Supply: 90

    Take 1 capsule per day with a meal or as directed by your health-care practitioner.

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    About Chromium Synergy™

    Chromium Synergy™ is a comprehensive formula of nutrients for optimal insulin function and blood sugar metabolism.* It combines the best chelated minerals from Albion Advanced Nutrition in a base of cinnamon powder to assist with insulin receptor function and cellular glucose uptake.*

    Chromium Synergy™

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.