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Hartland Hometown Pharmacy

Hi, I'm Rick Conner, RPh.

As your trusted community pharmacist, I believe in the power of self-directed care which is why I've joined with Vitopia Care in providing access to Vitopia One, the first and only Virtual Functional Care program offered in partnership with Independent Community Pharmacists.

  • Get Guidance: Access affordable and no-cost Virtual Functional Care Guidance On-Demand, 1:1 Live Sessions and Group Educational Sessions

  • Get Replenished: - Access to discounted professional-grade nutraceuticals , up to 25% below retail, shipped to your home.

  • Get Insights: Have lab test results and want to learn more about the "Why"' behind your numbers? sign up and get your first no-cost BYOT (Bring Your Own Test) consultation with one of our licensed Functional Care Guides.

Why Vitopia?

We do things differently here. This is why it matters.

Deprescribing Health

We believe it's time to deprescribe healthcare by reducing the demand for traditional pharmaceuticals. We are not anti-pharmaceuticals, we're anti pharmaceutical demand. We believe in giving you the opportunity to choose an alternative path powered by natural medicine and lifestyle changes to get you feeling your best.

Unexplained Symptoms

Going to your regular doctor and taking all your meds and still not feeling like the best version of yourself? At Vitopia, we understand. It's why we are committed to root cause care. We dig deep into questions, problems, and ideas your regular doctor probably has never asked to find the source.

It's About YOU

Our goal is to empower YOU. to advocate for the best healthcare and lifestyle choices for YOU. We aim to provide education, science-based information, tools, nutraceuticals, and tests. So you have the tools and resources to make informed choices to optimize your health and wellbeing. All so you can achieve your peak vitality.

Vitopia One

How Does it Work?

Create Your Account

Create Your Account and set a password. You will automatically be enrolled in our Vitopia One Membership program with Hometown Pharmacy. You'll be able to start saving & booking sessions with a Functional Care Guide immediately.

Shop & Save

Vitopia One gives you access to our virtual marketplace of professional-grade supplements at an exclusive member price so you can get the supplements you need delivered directly to your door and keep money in your pocket.

Book A Session

Your membership includes 6 free sessions ranging from group circles and on-demand virtual consultations about your selected health topic to a one-on-one in-depth review of your lab results by one of our functional care guides.

Included Services

Your Vitopia One Membership gains you access to a selection of 6 Virtual Functional Care Services.